Today, emerging technologies and fast-paced innovation mean that staffing needs can change at a moment’s notice. Turn to Pure Talent Consulting Inc to increase speed-to-market, control staffing costs and improve the quality of your workforce to meet high-tech initiatives on a global scale.

As a trusted advisor to our client partners, our clients rely on us to develop new, custom workforce solutions to match their rapidly-evolving, complex requirements.

IT Staffing Services

PureTalent was built on the belief that we could match the best IT talent with any of our clients’ technical workforce needs, at a moment’s notice. We work purposefully to build a Talent Network that can deliver the right technical expert, to the right client, at the right time. We can provide IT Professionals in all functional areas and platforms, including project management, business analysis, application development, network administration, and more. Did I hear you mention a Hadoop Developer? We’ve got you covered.

Business Staffing Services

We are Talent Experts and our staffing services extend beyond matching niche, technical professionals to our client requirements. If you are looking for an Accountant, Human Resources Specialist, Executive Assistant, Procurement Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, User Experience Analyst, Marketing Manager or Call Center Lead, to name a few, just let us know. Our passion for solving workforce obstacles knows no bounds.

Statement Of Work

We’ve got the right talent, and we’ll prove it! Let us manage your budget, your timeline and your workforce in one fell swoop. We build custom, project-based workforce solutions so our clients can outsource their headaches and gain the efficiency, expertise, and exceptional delivery outcomes that our solutions offer.


By collaborating with Pure Talent Consulting Inc, you will have access to the industry’s best talent, sourcing and recruitment techniques, and on-boarding processes, with the added bonus of reducing your time-to-hire and general employment costs. In addition, our clients expect an efficient and seamless recruiting process, and an improved candidate experience. And we love delivering on our promises.

Managed Services

Leveraging supplier expertise is a must in order to manage a relevant and innovative contingent labor program that can meet changing demands. Let us help you and your stakeholders navigate the multiple supply chain management opportunities and help you meet your diverse supply chain goals through targeted mentoring and managed services.