Big data is the big trend allowing businesses to spin mounds of data into valuable insights that drive strategy and decision-making. Puretalent® is a premier big data talent provider, connecting your Fortune 500 firm to the big data scientists, analysts, solutions architects, engineers and researchers you need for your next initiative.

We have primed our recruiting engine to extract the right talent for your big data project. Our extensive network is built upon a technical infrastructure that allows us to deliver unique workforce solutions at a moment’s notice. In addition, we use our own predictive analysis to identify the skills of the future today, and proactively educate and engage technical professionals to ensure that our talent network is well-equipped to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

A relatively new field, we understand that our big data experts have different backgrounds and varied career paths. We are adept at identifying those professionals that have the unique profile big data projects require. Our experts have backgrounds in statistical analysis, machine learning, predictive modeling, hypothesis testing in addition to programming skills like Python, Java, Ruby and SQL and familiarity with frameworks like Hadoop and Hive.

Seize the opportunity to improve business performance through big data insights and partner with Puretalent, the leader in delivering experienced professionals in the field. Connect with us to learn how we can help staff your big data initiatives.